Friday, November 02, 2007

In wich Punch tries to read and Ron Davis gets wooden shoes from a pirate

At the DDAI Symposium held on Octobre 15, 16 and 17th 2007 in Las Vegas, Jan Klaassen, the Dutch Punch, joined the Dutch delegation. He was supposed to be an example of the great succes the Davis counseling has in the Netherlands. Unfortunately he did not bring his glasses and the Dutch girls from Volendam had trouble reading as well. Luckily a parrot could read the name on the parcel.

Ron could confirm that his name was on the parcel and was very happy with the antiquarian edition of 'Treasure Island' he got. Punch wanted to go and try his luck in the Las Vegas casino's, but Judy did not let him. The Dutch girls sang a song about a dyslexic Dutch boy, called Berend Botje, who accidently discovered America when he confused left and right and got lost. A real cultural exchange, this performance.
Next there was a pirate, who gave Ron a pair of wooden shoes, because he had to leave his shoes behind in New Zealand.
In Christchurch NZ a piece of art was made of Rons shoes. They are bronzed and you can go and stand in them. Standing in the shoes of a dyslexic person really makes you THINK DIFFERENT!
Information about the exhibition in Christchurch NZ:

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