Friday, November 30, 2007

Images that were not yet there, but nevertheless were made

Young children expose their art in the Stedelijk Museum CS Amsterdam.
'Looking for coincidence' Symposium on December 12th 2007
How do we deal with the creative potential of children? How do we lead them towards their own learning processes? Which role can artists, teachers and musea play? These and other questions are raised in this experiment in the museum and at the Symposium on December 12th.
Six weeks long young children (4 - 7 years old) worked together with 15 artists on concepts like: collecting, order, time, experiment, coincidence and the beauty of colours. Main inspiration for the procedure was the Reggio Emilia approach.
The words written on the wall were expressed by a little girl and mean: 'Images that were not yet there, but nevertheless were made.'

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