Sunday, May 20, 2007

With Ron Davis in New Zealand

I just returned from Kaikoura, Nieuw Zeeland, where Ron Davis worked on his new autism approach with a small group of professionals from all over the world. In octobre his new book about autism will be ready. On the picture fltr Cathy Dodge Smith (Canada), Ana Lima (Brasilia), Ron Davis (USA) and Lot Blom (Netherlands). It worked out to be a beautiful program, with a structure different from the well known counseling week for dyslexia. Ten days working with Ron and a number of colleagues’s on a program like that...was a great experience. Like was New Zealand. The conference had long working days, but some time was kept free for excursions. I did swim with delphins, watch whales and made a tour on horseback. On the second picture you see the Kaikoura Mountains. This was the view we had during the conference. In New Zealand dyslexia is recently recognised officially as a learning problem. The connection between dyslexia and picture thinking is mentioned. The governement policy will be directed at improvement of education. A relief compared to the Dutch situation, where rusted authorities almost succeeded in declaring dyslexia a disease, and picture thinking is seen as a disability.

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