Thursday, February 28, 2008

Picture thinking at sea

Today I saw the Thinker of Rodin at the museum and now I have to think myself. On the background the sun dissapears in the ocean. I am at the Cliffhouse, San Francisco. Just around the corner the Bay begins. This place is one of the nicest corners in the world.
Yesterday I went to Alcatraz. That place makes you think too... Beautiful island, great flora and fauna and on it this ridiculous prison. There they had nothing to do except thinking. On the audiotour a prisoner tells how he occupied himself with visualisation. He could see anything he wanted in his mind.
This Thinker of Rodin, inprisoned in his unleverable body, is that what he is doing? And why does he lean with his right elbow on his left knee? To allow lateral thinking?

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