Sunday, January 28, 2007

Practise thinking in pictures

Writing a poem is a way of thinking in pictures. So start writing poems!
If you never wrote a poem before, begin like this: choose three words that have a clear picture . Choose a thing, an animal and a color or a feeling. These three words form the basis for your poem. Take a paper and a pencil. Say the three words a few times aloud, and look in your mind at the thing, the animal and the color or feeling. Now you start writing down anything that comes up. This will bring about a connection between the thing, the animal and the color or feeling. The connection does not need to be logic. It may be nonsense. You can use the words several times if you want. Dive into the stream of sound, but make sure the three words stay clear pictures. You will notice that more pictures come up and that the pictures start streaming too.

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