Sunday, February 11, 2007

Dostojewski and the winning World Press Photo

From NRC, february 10th 2007: ‘A good photo is like a beautiful sentence,’ says Spencer Platt, the American winner of World Press Photo 2006. He looks for literature in his pictures. ‘A photographer should make the world magic. Like you do when you read a book of Dostojewski.’

Dostojewski... the winning picture of Platt can indeed be read as a novel of Dostojewski. Only when you look longer at it, the story starts to unfold. Slowly you discover more layers... more stories come out of the picture. The stories of the people in the cabriolet making pictures of bombarded houses with their cellphones. The story of each separate person, and their relationships. And always wondering about Gods mysterious ways, I see the story is about me too, about all of us. In some way or another we all are part of the story. Very Dostojewski!

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