Friday, January 26, 2007

Infinite variations

Do you believe that you cannot think in pictures, but want to learn: start reading poetry. The words in a poem evoke a lot of pictures. Not only the pictures of the writer, also your own! Poems can be seen, tasted and heard. You can jump in with all your senses.
To inspire you an English poem from the Dutch poet Leo Vroman, who lives in the USA.

A psalm for Albert Einstein

System! If You must surrender
to Your own lust for rolling dice
why does nothing You create
in the splendor of our Fate
ever happen twice?

No tottering glass can almost fall
and fall to break into the same
pieces twice – who can recall
one shard by a previous name?

No child is ever steered again
into the same last night
and none of us can claim the right
to live in vain.

If Thou throwst any dice at all
Thou must have shaped it like a ball
and feast upon its thunder
of infinite variations,

Thy bowling ball
all beasts and nations
must fall under.

This poem is a treat. Like good chocolat. Taste a piece and wait what happens. Infinite variations. I especially like the dice, shaped like a ball.

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Michiel said...

Thank you for also posting your blogs in English :-) My native language is Dutch, but somehow my understanding of it always stayed somewhat mechanical, while my understanding of English is fully alive!; e.g.: The Dutch poem by Vroman does not evoke any feelings worth mentioning, but the English poem you posted here on the other hand feels to me indeed like a real treat, thank you!
(somehow this program seems to know my first name, I hope it picked the right identity :-))