Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Visual literacy

‘Children should learn to ask questions about what they see. Teach them to interpret the pictures,’ was the conclusion of a symposium about children and picture culture, that was held in cooperation with the Fotomuseum at Rotterdam. When children are able to interpret visual information and the messages behind it, they can deal better with the enormous amount of pictures they have to digest every day. This trained way of looking is called visual literacy. With the exposition for children: IK KLIK, that was brought about in cooperation with children, the Fotomuseum wants to contribute to the development of children when dealing with the continuous flow of images that reaches them daily.

The exposition at the Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam can be visited until 3 december 2006

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Michael said...

It's funny to see your approach seems to reason from the perspective of a picture thinker as the preferred standard :-) Not the picture thinker has to adjust to the world of the conceptual thinker, but since the world is changing in favor of the picture thinker, the conceptual thinker is urged to develop the thinking of a picture thinker, nice!