Saturday, October 23, 2010

Great results of picture thinking: Dutch Design Week

During the Dutch Design Week from 23 until 31 October, the Department of Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology shows the work of the Master's graduates plus a selection of Bachelor's and Master's projects. With the exhibition ID’10, the Department invites the public to experience through interactive prototypes, what our society could be like in the (near) future.
Learning arithmetics using your body, 'exhibiting 2.0' to enhance communication between generations, or eliciting repetitive curiosity in public spaces: Industrial Design can change your world. For example, Sensible Music from Stefan Zwegers decreases the risk of music-induced hearing loss by letting one feel the beat of the music on a MP3-player, and meanwhile reducing the volume. Tactile Texting from Guust Hilte enables people to input text one handedly during activities like cycling or walking, when they are not able to look at the screen. Cueb from Connie Golsteijn is an interactive digital photo medium which allows parents and teenagers to explore individual and shared experiences, thus triggering an exchange of stories.

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