Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New book (in Dutch) about picture thinking: 'Pictures in your head'

Picture thinkers can rapidly change perspective and see something in mind from all sides. The big picture and the details simultaneously.They function in a different way because their thinking is creative and diverse. They employ picture thinking. Everyone can think in pictures, but some people who are better at it than other people we call picture thinkers. Picture thinking engages imagination multidimensionally. It moves along various levels of perception and through more dimensions, as opposed to thought that moves in a lineair sequence. Lot Blom (1950), expert in multidimensional thinking, is healer and coach for persons with visual-spatial and associative thought, so called picture thinkers. After years of working with Davis Counseling, Tomatis Listening Therapy and HeartMath Heart Coherence, she developed the integrative approach she explains in this book. ISBN: 97890 202 08184 € 14,95 ISBN ebook: 97890 202 08191 € 11,99. Paperback, 160 pagina’s. Uitgave Ankh-Hermes VBKMedia.

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