Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pictures in your head. A manual for picture thinkers

Picture thinking is a fast, associative way of thinking, where imagination and feeling play a major role. Everyone can think in pictures, but people often prefer linear thinking, where a strict sequence persists. Picturethinking takes multiple steps at once, giving faster and more frequently acces to multiple dimensions than with line thinking. That explains how a picture thinker can have a refreshing look at something, oversee a situation at a glance and come up with original solutions. Picture thinking is useful and fun. But people who have a preference for this thinking style often get labeled as "dyslexic" or "busy in the head". It is high time that the qualities of picture thinkers should be counted for in education and teaching. Thinking differently means educate and learn differently. This book provides a wealth of information and tips for parents and teachers, but especially for those who want to explore their own talent for moredimensional thinking. Author Lot Blom. Editor Ankh-Hermes VBKMedia. Utrecht, Netherlands ISBN 9789020208184 Dutch edition appears in October 2012. English translation in progress.

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