Saturday, January 10, 2009

Compensation for dyslexia treatment

From Jan 1st dyslexic children in the Netherlands get compensation for dyslexia treatment. Sounds good, but how good is it? The compensation is geared at one kind of treatment only, so parents have no free choice about what they want for their child. Compare it with dental care: if artificial teethings are compensated but dental crowns not... how much choice do you have when you have no money?
Healthcare compensation for dyslexia also means that suddenly on TV you can hear people talk about dyslexia being a 'disease'. I shiver when I hear that. Nobody protests, we are not crazy... for illnesses and diseases we get compensated. Financially you rob yourself when you persist that dyslexia is a talent, a creative, visual way of thinking.
The schools have to take care of the implementation of the whole plan. Seems not a bad idea, but the logic rattles: now the teachers have to diagnose the disease called dyslexia. Or is this a way to admit that the problem is in fact educational?

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