Wednesday, October 25, 2006

assessment for picturethinking

I found an assessment for picturethinking on the web. You only need to find out in what direction a person looks when he thinks about a question. A person looking upwards while thinking is supposed to be a visual thinker. A pity that this kind of nonsense spreads on the web.
Luckily there are scientists who speak out against it: Prof.Willem Levelt, professor in psycholinguistics at the Radboud University of Nijmegen, writes in an article in the magazine Intermediair of november 17, 1995 that there is no relation between direction of looking and the so called active representationsystems. You can find the article (in Dutch) at:

Could Tyson be a picturethinker? To find out we start with the first step: we pose a question that will make him think...
'Tyson, what did you eat yesterday?'...

Tyson thinks it through...and yes, he looks upwards while thinking.
That means according to this assessment that Tyson is a picturethinker!

(If you can see a thought balloon on the picture, with a tasty bone in it, you are a picturethinker too!)

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